by daduja,, private homepage is an implementation of the idea of a non-commercial publication of parts of the collection of personal photos and videos in the form of a video gallery.

Both, the photography and this website is a private hobby for me. This website contains a collection of my up to 10-minute videos that can be started from this page for playing with the web browser. Watching the videos is possible with current web browsers that can play mp4 videos (plug-in required).

The music used in the videos on this site, with the kind public permission of the music composer and interpreter, comes from the following free internet music portals: ,
Free Music has announced the closure of its own website. The music content stored in Free Music Archive should be stored until the page is closed on

The technically possible duplication, passing on and also presentation of the videos with the included music is subject to copyrights and licenses. These are listed under LICENSE INFORMATION on the VIDEOS page of this website. Any commercial use of the contents of this site, even in part, is not covered by the licensing regulations associated with the audio data and is therefore not permitted.

Information on the disclaimer of the operator of this website, the contact and the privacy policy are listed under DISCLAIMER and IMPRINT.